Psd Pizza Box Packaging Mockup

Pizza Box is major part of customer attraction when company ship product to customers. this pizza mockup is can be used in your packaging presentation.

this lovely pizza box packaging mockup. It will allow you to present your packaging design in a professional photo realistic way. The PSD is available in blank mode, so you can easily add your graphics via smart layers and edit the background according to your taste. You can add some pizza ingredients in the background like mushroom, tomatoes and pepperoni, or pizza bread crumbs for a more realistic presentation. This mockup can also be used for any take away boxes (for example it can be used for crêpes, donuts). Thanks to Pixeden for sharing this pizza box mockup.

Customize the design using either using Photoshop or Illustrator and add your artful
touch to something so familiar and that’s used on a daily basis. The resource’s dimensions are 3178 X 3456 px(300 dpi)which gives you better results and high-quality projects. This practical and easy to use mockup can be yours with
one single click as well as many others we are sure you’ll benefit from.

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