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t shirt mockup

What Is a T-Shirt Mockup PSD?

A t-shirt mockup is essentially a blank t-shirt that you can add your product design on. 

T-shirt mockups can include a model wearing the product to help customers envision what the t-shirt looks like, or they may just feature the t-shirt on a plain background. 

If you’re not familiar with a PSD, it’s the name of a Photoshop image file. Think of .psd in the same way you think of a .jpg or .png extension for images. Keep in mind that you’ll need Photoshop on your computer if you want to open and edit a PSD file.

If you’re interested in learning some design skills so you can tweak your mockups on your own, check out this Photoshop tutorial for beginners.

Why You Should Use T-Shirt Mockups

A t-shirt mockup lets your customers see your design in action. 

Some t-shirt PSD templates feature models, which lets you showcase what your product looks like on an actual person. This visualization can be a big help when your customer is making a decision to buy.

If you run a print on demand business (which is a drop shipping business where you design your own products), you might use a t-shirt mockup to showcase your unique design on a t-shirt without having to shell out extra money to hire a model. Now that you have the lowdown on t-shirt mockups, let’s get to the good stuff: a juicy list of templates and files that you can use for your store.

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